Hi. I'm Stacy.

I am a Florida girl originally from Jacksonville, and have been in the Tallahassee area now for 23 years. I've photographed it's people, their weddings, and two of our Florida Governor's administrations (Crist and Scott.)

Ten years ago, while photographing for Gov. Crist, I met my husband who was on the Governor's protection detail. We now have two busy, young boys nicknamed: "Bird and Coop."

I like seeing the best in people and capturing in a photograph the essence of who they are. Houses aren't that different; they have good sides too. Photography for me is a way to show others just how amazing they are. 

My photography style is light and bright. Simple. Clean.   

I am just as excited to see your home sell as you are. I love hearing from realtors and homeowners that after the shoot it only took x amount of days or less to get a contract. That motivates me! After the shoot, I post your listing on social media, YouTube, Pinterest and others for more exposure.

I have years of experience walking into rooms to shoot events on the spot and be expected to produce great shots and turn them around quickly! I will do the same for your listings.

When I'm not taking pictures, I'm looking for a pool to wear out two busy little boys, editing pictures or reading about how to become a minimalist in my house full of stuff!   

Real estate photography has quickly become a passion of mine. I love creating engaging pictures and videos that will make you proud and help sell it fast. 


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